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How the System Works - How to Use our Website

2020 Came upon us with unprecedented challenges

With most Farmers markets in the Greater Toronto Area closed for an extended period of time, with people and businesses practicing "social distancing" very seriously,

The Buyers and Vendors in the once flourishing Farmers Markets of Toronto found themselves isolated from each other.

With this website and the Facebook page associated we aim to connect the two communities under this new and challenging reality.

1. Adapting to the new reality; social distancing

●  Farmers Markets are closed
●  Many small retailers are closed too
●  Large grocery stores have reduced hours of operation
●  Stores can only alow inside a very limited number of customers at a time
●  Long waiting lines form outside many retailers
2. You order online from a farmer you trust

●  The farmers you used to buy from might participate in a "Safe Pickup" network
●  Order their products on this website
●  Pay when placing your order; use a credit card or a debit card
●  We operate via PayPal, but you DO NOT need an account with them
●  ONE Vendor - ONE Location - ONE Pickup Day for each order
3. Orders are delivered to participating locations

●  According to a predefined schedule (usually weekly)
●  At the participating location of your choice

4. You safely pickup

●  Please practice "Social Distancing" when you pickup your order
●  Please arrive during the hours of operation; the people in charge at the pickup location DO NOT have refrigerated space to store your products for one week.

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